I don't like the attorney you assigned. I want a new attorney.

‚ÄčIf you have a legitimate complaint about your attorney, you first need to voice that complaint to your attorney.  If after explaining the issue to your attorney you were not able to work through the problem, the next step is to address the matter with the Judge at your next scheduled court date.  The Judge will make the ruling as to whether you will or will not receive a new attorney.  If your problem is not resolved with your attorney or by the Judge, you may send an email to Catt Bodeman Dodd or fill out our Comment Form.  Please include your name, case number, attorney name and explanation of issue(s) you're experiencing. 

Kitsap County Office of Public Defense (KCOPD) welcomes comments or criticism regarding your court appointed attorney.  Your feedback is important, whether it be positive or negative. 

Please check one of the links below to determine if your attorney is an employee or contract attorney before contacting our office.

*Check here if you were assigned one of our contract attorneys. 

*Check here if you were assigned one our in-house attorneys.

Be aware that KCOPD cannot investigate complaints that involve private attorneys, prosecutors, judges or attorneys in other jurisdictions.  Only the defendant may file a complaint, even if the defendant is a juvenile.  We will not accept complaints from family members, third or anonymous parties.