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Who is eligible for behavioral health services?

You may be eligible for behavioral health services if you meet the following criteria: 
1. Live in Clallam, Jefferson, or Kitsap County;
2. Have a medical identification card showing enrollment in a Medicaid program (known as Apple Health) or if you are an individual with low income with a chronic or serious mental illness or substance use disorder;
3. Meet criteria for "medical necessity" for behavioral healthcare
4. Meet "access to care standards"

What behavioral health services are available?
- Crisis Intervention
- Outpatient Mental Health
- Inpatient Mental Health
- Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment
- Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment
- Withdrawal Management
WISe (Wraparound with Intensive Services)

How to access behavioral health services through the Salish Behavioral Health Organization

There are three steps to getting behavioral health services 

1. Call a behavioral health provider.
If you are experiencing a crisis, please call the crisis line. There are no eligibility requirements for utilizing crisis services.

Call one of the behavioral health providers in your county and request an assessment interview to determine your eligibility for services.

The behavioral health provider will also ask you questions about your health insurance so that he or she can tell you if you will be eligible for publicly funded services.  If you have private insurance the behavioral health provider will help determine if your insurance will cover the cost of your care, or help with referrals to other providers.

2. Complete Assessment Interview
During the assessment interview the behavioral health provider will talk with you and gather information to understand your background and problems.  The assessment appointment includes a behavioral health history and questions about your health, your family, and your current living arrangement.

With this information, the behavioral health provider will be able to identify what type of behavioral health services will best meet your needs.  The behavioral health provider will also give you a preliminary behavioral health diagnosis.  Medicaid and other insurance companies require that all people receiving care have a behavioral health diagnosis.

3. Notification
If eligible for services, you will be sent a Salish Behavioral Health Organization Benefit Handbook and a letter detailing your benefits.

If it is decided that you are not eligible, you will be sent a  letter explaining why you were declined for services.

Additional Information
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