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Contacts By Department


Jolene Kron
​Regional Administrator/Clinical Director

Deputy Administrator

​Glenn Lippman, MD
​Medical Director

Behavioral Health Programs

​Amy Browning
​Care Manager
​Tribal Liaison, Hospital Liaison, Quality Management, Grievances, Utilization Review

​Sam Agnew
​​Care Manager​Substance Use, FYSPRT, CJTA, Utilization Review

​Kelsey Clary
​Care Manager
​R.E.A.L., Jail Transitions
​(360) 337-4886
Heidi Geier
​Program Supervisor
​SYNC Supervisor
​Danielle Jenkel
​Program Coordinator
​SYNC Coordinator
​(360) 337-4855
​​Jessie Parsons
​​Program Coordinator
​SYNC Coordinator
​​Nicole Oberg
​Program Specialist
​Housing Program, Customer Service, Administrative Support​


​Ileea Clauson
​UM Manager/Privacy and Compliance Officer​Privacy (HIPAA/42CFR), Fraud/Waste/Abuse, SERI, Out-of-Network Billing, Alien Emergency Medial (AEM)


Dani Repp
​Information Services Manager
​Data Technical Assistance, Data Processing and Management
​Elise Bowditch 
​Data Analyst and Quality Specialist
​Data Support, Website and Portal Access, Quality Support
​Matt Carlin
​Financial Analyst
​Billing Invoices, Fiscal Support and Technical Assistance