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Kitsap County Free Meal Guide - (Updated 1/12/2024)

Comida Gratis en Kitsap County - (Octobre 2020)

Sally's Homeless and Low-Income Resource Guide - Winter 2024 (Updated 1/12/24)

Resource Guide for Pet Owners Winter 2018-2019

Kitsap County Housing Solutions Center Brochure

Veterans Resource Guide (Updated Dec 2023)

Veterans Housing Options

Housing Solutions Center of Kitsap County Brochure

How to Help People Living Homeless (Updated 09/30/2019)

Suicide Awareness and Prevention & Crisis Lines 

Kitsap COVID-19 Resources

In response to COVID-19 many community-based organizations, cities, county, and state resources have altered services, relaxed eligibility, or offered additional assistance to people in need. See the list of COVID-19 resources compiled by the Kitsap County Housing and Homelessness Coalition.

How to Help People Living Homeless During COVID-19

Service providers in Kitsap County are struggling to serve individuals and families with limited supplies and volunteer, but you can help!

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Donate Meals 

For people who are unable to volunteer in person you can help by donating meals to homeless shelters and day rooms PDF

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