Homeless Management Information System (HMIS)

Federal and State funders require any Continuum of Care receiving federal and state homeless funds use a locally-administered data system to record and analyze homeless information. The data systems are known as a Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS). To comply with this requirement Kitsap County agencies that provide homeless housing and services participate in the Kitsap HMIS Collaborative, an agreement to share client data between agencies. Kitsap's data-sharing system provides benefits such as improved client service, accurate data and reporting for funding sources, and better outcome tracking.

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​HMIS Documents

Kitsap County Release of Information and Informed Consent Form (updated 6/12/2018)

Client Revocation of Consent (updated 6/7/2018)

HMIS Client Privacy Rights - Notice of Uses & Disclosures

HMIS User Policy, Responsibility Statement and Code of Ethics (updated 6/7/2018)


New Kitsap Agencies or Programs

Kitsap HMIS Collaborative MOU

WA State Agency Partner Agreement (updated 6/7/2018)

New Program Setup Survey


HMIS Client Management

Client Program Deletions, Duplicate Merges, Program Moves, Revocations, and Group Merges

Consent Refused Data Entry Guide


HMIS Data Quality Calculations

Finding Utilization Rate using Clarity HMIS Reports

Determining Data Quality Timeliness using Clarity HMIS Reports

Determining HMIS Data Quality Score using Clarity HMIS Reports


Dept. of Commerce HMIS Site

For more information about HMIS, and HMIS Resources including new User Training, Forms, How-to-Guides, Data Standards and Program Manuals, and to contact Dept. of Commerce Technical Assistance Staff please visit http://www.commerce.wa.gov/serving-communities/homelessness/hmis/ 

For technical assistance please contact:  

 Cory Derenburger, Program Specialist
   360-337-7287 or cderenbu@co.kitsap.wa.us

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