Washington State Able Savings Plan


Want to know more about ABLE?  ABLE allows individuals with disabilities to save money

for qualified disability expenses without losing their federal benefits. 

From the ABLE National Resource Center.

10 Things You Should Know About ABLE Accounts 

Sign up for a Washington State ABLE account online or by filling out an Enrollment Form

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If you have questions about the Washington State ABLE Savings Plan,

call 1-844-600-2253 9am-5pm PT or 1-844-888-2253 (TTY), 6am-5pm PT, Monday-Friday.


Qualified Expenses, expenses which help improve health, independence and/or quality of life:

Fact Sheet



Basic Living Expenses


Employment Training & Support

Assistive Technology

Personal Support Services

Health, Prevention & Wellness

Financial Management

Legal Fees

Funeral & Burial