Older Americans Month 2021!

This year’s theme of Communities of Strength celebrates the strength of older adults with special emphasis on the power of connection and engagement in building strong communities. When we share with others—even virtually or by telling about the experience later—we help build resilience. 

Thank you for joining us in celebrating older adults and building strength in the community! See the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners declaration of May, 2021 as Older Americans Month in Kitsap County!

Feel free to view and share the videos below about: 
Quick Tips, Safety in the Home, Dementia, Safe Driving, and Healthy Relationships. 

Quick Tips: A collection of optional ideas to consider for simple, low-tech adaptations around the home to increase independence and safety. These ideas are not intended to replace professional or medical recommendations.












Safety in The Home Section:

Falls Prevention...

Dementia Section: 

"Let's Talk Dementia" Video Collection...
Video 1 of 6...


The above video is one of six brief videos on the Dementia Action Collaborative website featuring Washingtonians with dementia and their care partners. See the rest of the videos in the series, below.

1. What is the harm in finding out? 

2. Tips from Washingtonians who are living well with dementia  

3. Tips for family and care partners  

4. Creating more dementia-friendly communities 

5. All videos (combined)  

Positive Approaches to Care (PAC) by Teepa Snow...

See all of Teepa's Free Videos about Dementia: click here to view ALL the videos on her website, including topics below:

Introduction- Who is Teepa Snow, Dementia 101, Teepa's Gems, Bain Changes, Challenging Behaviors, Meaningful Activities, and Connecting through Music.

Safe Driving Section:

Driving Tips...


Healthy Relationships Section:

"Team Sports" & "Gardens"...


 Online Resources

Falls Free Check-Up through NCOA: 
Click Here to use the online tool.

Driving information from National Institute on Aging: Cick Here for online resources.

Social connections through Covia:
Click Here for the Well Connected Catalog for online or phone-based opportunities.

Dementia Road Map Book
Click Here  

Mapa De La Demencia 
Haga Clic Aqui

Local Volunteering
Click Here for ideas

Contact Kitsap County Senior Information & Assistance with questions about resources for older adults (age 60+) or family caregivers.

Phone: 360-337-5700, 1-800-562-6418