Schold Farm/Clear Creek Master Plan

Kitsap County started acquiring property at the Schold Farm site in the 1990s and has used it for a variety of purposes which include: recreation, floodplain restoration and wetland mitigation. The first trail was constructed in 1994 and the first wetland mitigation project was constructed in 1999.Schold Farm Vicinity Map

The site is also important to help limit downstream flooding events on Clear Creek. The County is currently developing a master plan for the Schold Farm site to better align the site's recreation, wetland habitat, trail safety and maintenance goals. 

The County has developed three conceptual alternative designs for the site, which each focus on trail placement, wetland creation and increasing the hydrologic connectivity over the entire site.  Kitsap County has been working with regulatory agencies, the Suquamish Tribe, the Clear Creek Taskforce and County departments. 

​Alternative 1
​Alternative 2
​Alternative 3

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