Risk Check

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*Inspections to Resume* 

Risk Check inspections were temporarily suspended last year due to COVID-19.  We are pleased to announce that inspections will be resuming beginning in May 2021.  If you would like to update your contact information to receive information regarding your upcoming inspection, please click here.  While you wait for your inspection, check out our list of commonly found fire and life safety hazards. Fire and Life Safety Checklist for Customers_COVID.pdf.


Risk Check is Kitsap County's routine commercial occupancy inspection program. The Risk Check program schedules the frequency of fire and life safety inspections based on a score that is calculated from the known hazards and mitigations in a particular place of business. This means that higher-risk businesses will be inspected more frequently than lower-risk businesses.


The Risk Check inspection program applies to all commercial property owners and to business owners occupying commercial property. Businesses on tribal or federally owner land, and legally permitted home businesses are generally exempt from the inspection program. Inspections are performed based on the International Fire Code in accordance with state law RCW 19.27.110 and Kitsap County Code Chapter 14.08.


Benefits to Fire Safety Inspections

Routine inspections are a low-cost, effective way to help protect commercial properties and to keep people safe by reducing risks and increasing safety. Additionally, fire safety inspections are one of the factors used by the insurance industry when calculating insurance rates for commercial businesses.

Preparing for Inspection

Prepare for your inspection by checking for these common corrections. You can have your inspection scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, request an inspection online or by calling 360-337-5777.


Fire Protection System Confidence Testing

Fire alarm, fire sprinkler, and other fire protection systems require testing at regular intervals. Submit confidence test reports to the Fire Marshal's Office online.

Commercial Occupancy Permits & Certificate of Occupancy

All new and relocating businesses in Kitsap County are required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy through the Department of Community Development's (DCD) Commercial Occupancy Permits & Certificate of Occupancy .  There are multiple types of permits used in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.  If you are unsure what type of permit you need, use the Permit Selector Tool on the DCD's My Commercial Business page.

If you are currently occupying a commercial business space without a valid Certificate of Occupancy, you may be required to obtain one through the Risk Check inspection program.


There are currently no fees for routine Risk Check inspections. However, if permits are required for your current business occupancy, DCD permit fees will apply. You may also be assessed code enforcement fines for unresolved fire and building code safety violations. All permit fees can be calculated based on the DCD Fee Schedule.