Blue Address Sign Request

Your blue address sign will be horizontal and look like the example above.

Why Should I Buy a Blue Address Sign? 

Delayed response in an emergency is often due to a lack of address visibility. Ambulance crews, firefighters, and law enforcement depend on highly visible address signs when responding to a call for help. Having a clear, easy-to-read sign can make all the difference when there is an emergency. Every minute counts.

Blue address signs have been distributed throughout Kitsap County for many years. Recently, the Department of Community Development and Public Works partnered together to create a more efficient process and improve sign quality for our community. New signs will have enhanced reflective materials that are equivalent to highway sign standards. 

These signs are available for your purchase:
arrow.pngFirst Sign = $28
arrow.pngAdditional Signs = $22

if you received notice that your address was changed because of the address correction project, you may be eligible for one free sign.

How Do I Order a Blue Address Sign?

You may submit your request through the Online Permit Center. Please make sure you have reviewed our Step-by-Step instructions first. The Step-by-Step instructions can be found HERE. The production time frame is 35 to 60 days. 

Where Do I Post My Address Sign?

The sign should be placed upon a post or other structure that displays the numbers at least 4 feet above the ground so that the numbers are legible from the roadway. The sign must not be placed on posts containing street names. Attachment of address signs to County Right-of-Way street signposts may result in removal and disposal of unauthorized signs. 

Please refer to Kitsap County Code 16.66.060 Display of Designations for additional information regarding address posting. An example of appropriate placement of address signs can be found HERE

What If My Address Was Changed?

If your address has been identified as problematic and you no longer have your letter, please contact us at 360.337.5777 so we can help you resolve this matter and provide additional information if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Changing your address can come with questions! We are here to help. We have compiled a list of answers to commonly asked questions for our customers HERE

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Our first responders thank you!