Poulsbo Urban Transition Area

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​​Here is a quick reference guide to your zone. This information is a summary of your zone’s purpose, allowed uses, density, dimensions, and setbacks. The tables below do not include prohibited uses. 

This information summarizes Kitsap County Code and is subject to change. For full information about your zone, please see the Official Kitsap County Code Title 16, Chapter 16.68 - Poulsbo Urban Transition Area.

In all permit-related decisions, the Official Kitsap County Code governs.


The purpose is to recognize the adoption of the Poulsbo Subarea Plan and designation of the Poulsbo Urban Growth Area (UGA), and to provide for development within the UGA that is consistent with the city of Poulsbo’s existing development standards, thereby allowing for a smooth transition of the UGA into the city’s corporate limits through future annexations.

Please Note: For zoning purposes, uses, development standards, site planning and design and performance standards the links below will link you to the City of Poulso Municipal Code

Residential Low

Poulsbo Municipal code
Title 18 - Zoning Ordinance
Chapter 18.70 - Residential Districts

Light Industrial

Poulsbo Municipal code
Title 18 - Zoning Ordinance
Chapter 18.90 - Business and Employment Districts



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