DCD Records & FAQs

DCD has many types of records, but our primary business functions generate the following:

  • Permit Records – such as building, fire, land use, site development, and environmental permits within unincorporated Kitsap County

  • Code Compliance Reports – reports and investigations of Kitsap County Code violations

  • Fire Investigations – investigations of fires

  • Code Development Records – updates to Kitsap County Code

What You Need to Know About Requesting "Communications"

Electronic communications have enhanced the flow of information tremendously but have created a great burden for local government agencies regarding records management.

Kitsap County has limited specialized resources with access to conduct these searches due to access requirements of technology servers. Before it gets to you, multiple levels of review must filter out what is responsive and protected from disclosure.

If you are looking for communications, here are some tips to help us help you:
  • Be aware that many databases or applications today send automated notifications via email, sometimes with extensive reports or generic information – let us know whether to include or exclude these

  • Provide us with the specific search terms you want us to look for. Commonly used search terms are provided in your request, property address, parcel number, permit number, code compliance case number, etc.

  • Provide us with a specific date range

  • Provide us with a specific person’s name(s), email address, or email domain (the gmail.com in “@gmail.com”)

  • Tell us if you want us to include instant messages

  • Tell us what you DON’T want · 


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you through your DCD records requests.

How do I submit a public records request?

Submit a request through:

Our online portal allows us to track your request and provides a platform where we can send you records, regardless of size. We will use this system to process your request regardless of your original submission format.

How long does it take to provide records?

If your request includes a variety of record formats, you will likely receive records in installments over time, depending on their accessibility.

  • Imaged/Electronic records - DCD aims to provide records already in electronic format within 5 business days. However, this is largely dependent on the number of public records requests received, staff availability to produce those records, and the scope of the request. DCD records that are currently electronic include building permits, some land use and development permits, all permits submitted from 2018 to the present, some code compliance records, and completed fire investigations.

  • Physical Records - Physical records can take longer to locate and prepare for inspection after you have submitted your request; we will notify you when records are available for inspection in our lobby. 

    Please Note
    : physical records are not available on demand. The DCD lobby is open Monday - Friday, 9 am- 12 pm. You are welcome to inspect the documents prior to requesting copies or scanned images, which may require payment for production, see our fees related to public records. We will also provide you with an estimated cost of copies or imaging prior to production.

  • Electronic Communications (e.g., emails, instant messages) typically take us the longest to provide. See the "communications" section below for further information.

How do I expedite my public records request?

  • Check out our section in the right column on self-serve records. What you are requesting may already be available!

  • Be specific in what you want, including information such as parcel numbers, address, permit numbers, record type, and date range.

  • Avoid using "any and all records" language. This can trigger a much broader search than you expected and could take several installments to provide responsive records.

  • Please tell us if you are not interested in receiving communications or emails! As noted above, electronic communications can take longer to search, review, and produce.

How do I access responsive records through GovQA (the Online Records Center)?

  1. Go to the Kitsap County Public Records Center
  2. If necessary, log in to the system by clicking this icon on the left-hand side:
  3. Once logged in, click the "My Request Center" icon
  4. Then click the "View My Requests" link
  5. Under your request "P00XX...", click the "View Files" button
  6. Records can be downloaded or viewed by clicking the document name

Why are there no permits or limited permit records for my property?

There are several factors, but these are the most common:

  • Records have been destroyed per the Washington State Local Government Records Retention Schedule - The Washington State Archives sets guidelines for properly retaining and destroying local government records.
  • Permit requirements and standards change - they did not always require the same standards or activities to be permitted.

I cannot find what I am looking for or believe something was missed in the search. What do I do?

If you have searched our online resources and cannot find what you are looking for, submit a public records request. See options for submitting a public records request above.

If you have submitted a public records request and believe it to be incomplete, contact our records staff at publicrecords@kitsap.gov.

 DCD Related Records

DCD Online Permit Center

  • Approved building permit records 2020 to present

  • Submitted land use and development permit records 2020 to present

Washington State Archives 

has accepted some of our physical records for preservation. You can view their holding at Archives Branch Holdings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at publicrecords@kitsap.gov, or via phone at 360-307-4261, if you have any questions regarding submitting a public disclosure request or providing clarification on your request.

 Self-Serve Records & Information


Kitsap County Parcel Search 

address, parcel number, jurisdiction, property class, building information, etc.

Kitsap County Assessor Historical Records

Property and appraisal information

Kitsap County Auditor's Records

Recorded documents

Kitsap Public Health District

Records regarding water, sewer, septic systems, and spill reports

Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE)

Records regarding underground storage tanks, spill reports, flood hazard maps, lake data, shoreline photos, well reports, water rights, etc. Check out their online tools & databases.

Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I)

Records regarding electrical permits and manufactured home alteration permits.

Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR)

Records regarding forest practices, geoducks, and mining and minerals.

Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife (WDFW)

Records regarding hydraulic project approvals.