Before You Buy or Build

 Protect Your Investment and Research Before You Buy

Kitsap County has free resources and educational tools to help you learn about your property and the steps toward development.

Parcel Search

Parcel Search is a County tool that provides information on all Kitsap County Properties. The first step is to locate the lot or parcel. Once you have the parcel located, you can answer questions like: 
  • What is the zoning of the parcel
  • Are there any critical areas (flood hazards, steep slopes, etc.)
  • Tax information
  • Size of the parcel
  • If the parcel uses an easement
  • Existing Permits

Is My Lot Buildable? 

Before you purchase the lot, make sure you can build what you want. You should find out:
  • Was the lot legally created?
  • Are there lot size requirements?
  • What other code requirements need to be met for your property?
  • Does the proposed building comply with critical area/shoreline buffers and construction setbacks?

For more information, please see the Is A Lot Buildable Brochure


Permitting is not just about code requirements but to ensure your family's and your property's safety. Before you tackle any projects, check to see if the project requires a permit.

Removing trees, building a shed, or adding to your home may require permits.

Some project questions may be answered here: Do I need a Building Permit?

Allowed Uses

Certain uses or projects are allowed in some zones and not in others. For example, residential homes are not allowed in Commercial Districts. To find out allowed uses for your property, call us at 360.337.5777, or visit the Kitsap County Code Chapter 17.410 Allowed Uses.

Start Here! Land Use and Building Development Basics

With the help of grant funding from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, Kitsap County DCD has put together a land use and development basics series intended to help you understand some of the steps involved in building or developing land. These have taken place in the form of webinars given by our DCD staff and are available for viewing on our Start Here! page. Also available on the page are brochures and links to our Start Here! Professionals to help you get started on your project.

Need help locating information about a lot/parcel? We are here to help!