Admin Templates

DCD Administrative Templates and Documents

30 Day Notice Example
30 Day Notice Example 3
Administrative Decision Template
Administrative Staff Report Template
Agenda Summary Form
Bond Collection Letter
Bonds Erosion Ctrl Release
Bonds Maint 30 Day Ltr
Bonds Maint 90 Day Ltr
Bonds Maint Est OK
Bonds Maint Extend Bond
Bonds Maint Release
Bonds Maint Request
Bonds Perf 30 Day Ltr
Bonds Perf 90 Day Ltr
Bonds Perf Est OK
Bonds Perf Release
Bonds Retain Bond
CABR Decision Template
Certification of Public Notice
Code Development Project Manual FINAL
Code Interpretation
COHP FPA Decision Letter Template
Conversion FPA Decision
Courtesy Letter - Abandoned Building
Courtesy Letter - ADU - Guest House
Courtesy Letter - Animals
Courtesy Letter - Building without Permits
Courtesy Letter - Clearing in an Open Space Buffer
Courtesy Letter - Clearing within Eagle Nest Buffer
Courtesy Letter - Clearing
Courtesy Letter - Critical Areas
Courtesy Letter - Dangerous Building Request to Secure
Courtesy Letter - Exterior Lighting
Courtesy Letter - Grading
Courtesy Letter - Home Business
Courtesy Letter - Junk Vehicle Screening
​Courtesy Letter - Nuisance Conditions
Courtesy Letter - Obnoxious Things
Courtesy Letter - Residential Use of Commercial Structure
Courtesy Letter - RV as a Dwelling Unit including Transitory Permit
Courtesy Letter - RV as a Dwelling Unit
Courtesy Letter - Shoreline Activity
Courtesy Letter - Sign
Courtesy Letter - Transitory RV as a Dwelling Unit
Courtesy Letter - Use Not Allowed in Zone
Courtesy Letter - Vacation Rental
Courtesy Letter - Vehicle Storage Lot
Courtesy Letter - View Blockage
Covenant Category 3
Covenant for Waiver of Imapct Fees
Creating Templates in SharePoint
Dangerous Building Placard
Document Template
Employee Development Plan
Environmental and Land Use Review Letter
​Evidence Control Chain of Cutody
Evidence Log
Evidence Receipt
Executive Letterhead
Executive Summary Template
External Work Team Template Charter
External Work Team Template Working Group Roster
FPA Waiver
​Hearing Examiner Agenda Template
Hearing Examiner Index
Hourly Pre App Meeting Form
Insurance Information Request
Investigation Coversheet
Investigation Table of Contents
L and I - Agency Requested Inspection
Land Use Binder
​Landlord Tenant Cover Letter
Maint Cov Offsite
Maint Cov Onsite
Maint Cov Pervious Driveway Onsite
Native Veg Cov
Native Veg Covenant Release
NOA Legal Notice Template
NOA Template Type 2
NOA Template Type 3
Noise Variance Approval Example
NOPH Legal Notice Template
NOPH Template
Notice of Abatement
​Notice of Hearing Examiner Decision Template
NTT - Accessory Without Primary
NTT - Critical Area and Buffer Notice
NTT - Dangerous Building
NTT - Day Use
NTT - Decommission of Mobile or Manufactured Home
NTT - Geotech
NTT - Guest House
NTT - Innocent Purchaser
NTT - Living Space Without Permit
NTT - Model Homes
NTT - Not an ALQ
NTT - Pending Recording of Final Plat
NTT - Permit Exempt Well
NTT - Release
NTT - Special Care Unit
​Perf Erosion Control Cov
Photo Log
Planning Commission Agenda Template
Planning Commission Minutes
Planning Commission NOPH Legal
Planning Commission Staff Report
Policy Planner
Postcard NOA Small Template
​Postcard NOPH Small Template
Pre-Application Summary Ltr
Preliminary Land Use Conditions (12-10)
Presentation Template
Procedure Planner
Project Application
Refund Request
ROW Use or Improvement Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 1997 Grading Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 1997 Major Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 1997 Major Comment Ltr
SDAP 1997 Minor Grading Acceptance Ltr
​SDAP 1997 SFR Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 1997 SFR Comment Ltr
SDAP 2010 Grading Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 2010 Grading Comment Ltr
SDAP 2010 Major Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 2010 Major Comment Ltr
SDAP 2010 SFR Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 2010 SFR Comment Letter
SDAP 2017 Grading Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 2017 Grading Comment Ltr
​SDAP 2017 Major Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 2017 Major Comment Ltr
SDAP 2017 SFR Acceptance Ltr
SDAP 2017 SFR Comment Ltr
SDAP Addendum Appvl Ltr
SDAP Addendum Plans Receipt
SDAP Additional Permit Info
​SDAP Capital Projects Acceptance Ltr
SDAP Extension of Approved Permit
SDAP Extension of Issued Permit
SDAP Standard Language
Search Warrant Documents
SMARTGov How to Tip Template
SS LL Final Approval
SS-LL Prelim Appvl
​Staff Report Hearing Examiner Template
Staff Report Open Space Template
Submittal Document
Submittal Example
Supplemental Application
Supplemental Form
Template - Certificate of Occupancy Revision
Template - Dangerous Building Notice
Template - Final Notice
Template - Noise Variance Approval
Template - Nuisance - Dangerous Building Final Notice
Template - Occupancy without Final 30 Day
​Template - Occupancy without TI Major
Template - Occupancy without TI Minor
Template - Residential Occupancy without Final 30 Day
Template - Voluntary Compliance Agreement
Title 21 Refund Request
Traffic Participation Cov
Voluntary Permissions Search
Zoning Verification Letter