1997 Title 12 Stormwater

The 1997 manual (as amended) was repealed by Ordinance 433-2009 and replaced by the new manual, effective February 16, 2010.  However, the repealed manual is still relevant for projects vested in the storm water code prior to February 16, 2010.

The manual is available as one file download, (with revisions through June 2002)The manual has been divided into more manageable download sections, along with later amendments.​

Entire Document (20.7 MB .pdf format)
1997 Kitsap County Storm Water Design Manual
Individual Sections/Amendments
Washington State Dept. of Ecology Letter
Kitsap County Storm Water Design Manual
Appendix 8A - Kitsap County Maintenance Guidelines
Appendix 8B - Generic Storm Water Maintenance Manual
Revisions to Kitsap County Code Title 12 Ordinance 375-2007 (adopted February 12, 2007)
Board of County Commissioners Resolution 034-2007 (adopted February 12, 2007)
Kitsap County Code Title 12

Questions on the manual should be directed to the Kitsap County Dept. of Community Development at (360) 337-5777.