Meet the Team

Judge Bradley

Mindy Nelson-Oakes, Treatment Court Program Manager
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Mindy has been with Kitsap County District Court since August 2017.  Her past experience includes eleven years working with adults with mental health disorders through Kitsap Mental Health Services.  “Treatment courts are great examples of how the criminal justice system has evolved over the years.  I’m lucky to be a part of BHC.  I work with such a compassionate group of people who truly want to see people succeed.”

​Leah Gilland, Treatment Court Compliance Specialist


Leah, has been with Kitsap County District Court since April 2020.  Her past experience includes ten years working with adults experiencing mental health disorders through Kitsap Mental Health Services and ten years working with the Educational Service District to provide in-school support for youth struggling with substance use disorders.  “I sincerely enjoy assisting people to achieve their goals, particularly when someone doesn’t start off confident that they can achieve their goals.  I see Treatment Courts having the real potential to help people achieve more health and happiness than they ever expected.  I’m so excited to be a part of this team.”

Anna Aruiza, BHC Deputy Prosecuting Attorney


"Prosecuting cases that involve behavioral health challenges can be frustrating because the typical legal consequences are not necessarily the best means to address underlying health problems or prevent new offenses. Coming from that perspective, watching the BHC program motivate, support, and equip participants to master their challenges and build better futures is profoundly moving. I am proud to be part of our dedicated, collaborative, and lively BHC treatment team and humbled to witness our participants’ growth.”


​Brandon Miller

​Matt Duthie, Behavioral Health Specialist


Matt has been with Behavioral Court since its inception, and previously worked within Kitsap County Municipal Courts to help individuals who were on mental health diversions from the legal system.  His previous work in the field was in King County with specifically forensic populations.  “Those in the community who suffer from mental health disorders and drug addictions are inextricably connected to us all; to help one person is to help everyone, I truly believe that.”

​JoAnnia Wahrmund, Behavioral Health Specialist

JoAnnia has been with the Behavioral Health Court since September 2017. She has been in the mental health field since 2000 and has worked with Kitsap Mental Health Services since November 2010. She has her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and specializes in the severely and persistently mentally ill.