Stop Junk Mail

Paper is the #1 thing in our recycling bins. Recycling is a good start, but reducing unwanted paper is even better! Follow these steps to reduce your junk mail.

Switch your magazines and bills to electronic delivery

Most online payment sites have a "paper free" billing option.

Remove your name from mass marketing lists (catalogs, coupons, etc.)

  • If you get unwanted catalogs from businesses you've purchased from, call the phone number on the catalog and tell them you want to be removed from their mailing list. Or search for their online request form.

  • Sign up with, a tool offered by the Data & Marketing Association. For a $2 fee, you can remove your name from the marketing lists of 3,600 companies and organizations. The members are required to comply for 10 years.

  • Sign up with to opt-out of 4,000 catalogs, coupons, circulars, newsletters, phone books, and more. It's free, and Catalog Choice will make the opt-out request for you.

  • Opt out of more marketing lists through the National Do Not Mail List.

These services won’t eliminate all your unwanted mail. Political mailings, for example, are considered protected speech and you can’t opt out from those. And some companies and organizations still do not honor opt-out requests. If you do not have a computer at home, you can get on the Internet at the library and sign up, or ask someone with a computer to help you register.

Stop credit card and insurance offers

Sign up with This website is a joint venture from the consumer credit bureaus that lets you tell them you don't want credit card or insurance offers. It's recommended by the Federal Trade Commission, and credit bureaus are required to comply.

Don’t let your name become a commodity

  • Tell companies you do business with to remove your name from the lists they rent, sell, or trade to other companies.

  • Tell charities not to share your contact information with other organizations.

  • Avoid giving out your contact information for surveys, contests, raffles, and product registration and warranty cards. This information is often sold for mailing lists.

Paid services

PaperKarma is a paid service that works on your behalf to cancel junk mail. Just send them a picture and they will make the opt-out request for you.