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Assessor's Office conducting on-site inspections in Central Kitsap9/13/2022

(Port Orchard, WA) — Appraisers from the Kitsap County Assessor’s Office are now conducting on-site inspections throughout Central Kitsap. Washington State Law (RCW 84.41.030) requires inspections of all real property throughout the county at least once every six years.

The inspections of Central Kitsap should be completed by April 2023. If an appraiser from the office attempts to make contact with you, please understand that they are trying to verify the characteristics of your property to ensure the accuracy of our data. Due to the high volume of inspections our appraisers are conducting, we are unable to accommodate appointments.

Our appraisers do not drive county vehicles; however their vehicles are marked with the proper county identification on both sides. Appraisers should be easily identifiable with high visible vests with the county logo. Other verification options are to request to see individual credentials, contact our office at 360.337.7160, or check our inspection area progress map on our website at:

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