Accessible Communities Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Kitsap County Accessible Communities Advisory Committee is to support disability awareness and access for people with disabilities through technical assistance and other resources funded by the Accessible Communities Act (Chapter 215, Laws of 2010). 

Learn more at the committee meetings website, New members are welcome!

News and Events

Abelist Language Resource Guide

The Accessible Communities Advisory Committee compiled a useful guide with links to resources to help people improve and understand abelist language. This is the link to the guide.

New members needed!

The Accessibilities Communities Advisory Committee is currently looking for people who are interested in joining the advisory group. All meetings are open to the public. Interested persons are encouraged to visit a meeting. The group is currently meeting remotely via Zoom. 

To apply, complete the application here.

Go to the committee meeting website to find meeting agendas and links to join.

Current Projects

·Portable Ramps

The Kitsap County Accessible Communities Advisory Committee is pleased to announce that two portable ramps are now available to borrow for those who need to improve physical accessibility for wheelchair users on a short-term basis. The trifold, aluminum ramps measure five feet and seven feet and fold into easy-to-carry suitcases.

The ramps were purchased with a grant from the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment and are maintained by the ARC of the Peninsulas of Bremerton that coordinates the borrowing program, on behalf of the Accessible Communities committee.

To reserve a ramp, contact Tari Quiocho, senior program manager at ARC of the Peninsulas, 360-801-4539 or email

Read the press release for details.

Business Stickers
A new project of Kitsap County's Accessible Communities Advisory Committee provides businesses, schools, places of worship, and other public spaces with an easy way to assist people with severe mobility impairments in gaining access to buildings. These organizations are offered a free cling film sticker where they can write their phone number then affix to front doors and other points of entry. People with disabilities can call the number to reach someone inside the establishment to request the door be opened for them. These stickers are available through Kitsap chambers of commerce. Help make Kitsap County more inclusive and welcoming to everyone! Read the press release for details.

Contact your local chamber of commerce. Here is a list of Kitsap chambers of commerce with links to their websites.

Hippocampe Chairs

All-terrain wheelchairs with specially designed tires can be used on uneven surfaces such as outdoor trails and beaches. These hippocampe chairs are now available to borrow free of charge. Details are posted on the hippocampe chair project website.

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Justin Wing, Staff
Kitsap County
Department of Human Services

: (360) 337-4604

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Using Google to Find Accessible Establishments 

Businesses, how to update your accessibility features on Google

Disability Partner Organizations List

NAMI - National Alliance on Mental Illness

Kitsap County Parent Coalition
Coordinator Melia Hughes
Email KCPC
360-373-2502 ext 100