Welcome to the Permit Application Portal landing page!

This page includes information about the permitting process at Kitsap County DCD.



A Step-by-Step Overview of the New Permit Application Portal Process

The first step is to create an account in the Permit Application Portal.
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Answer some questions about your project.
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Based on your answers, the Permit Application Portal will determine which documents you need to upload. (Click to view instruction video)

You will need to pay for your permit before you move into the review.
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You will receive a notification when your permit has been placed in-queue-for-review.




Once your permit application has been accepted and you have been assigned a permit number,
you can log in to the Online Permit Center to manage your permit.

In the Online Permit Center you can:

Issue Your Permit,
Pay for Your Permit,
Schedule Inspections

The DCD Permit Services Intake staff will be available to assist you in using the new portal process should any questions arise. Book an appointment at your convenience, virtual or in-person, to get a walkthrough of the Permit Application Portal by our permit intake staff

 Common Submittal Matrixes

These matrixes provide an overview of the common submittal items necessary for each of the permits listed below. Your individual permit may require more information than indicated on the matrix.

Your answers in the Permit Application Portal will provide you with the list of documents you will need to upload for your permit.




Site Development


 Permit Processing Timeframes

​Each permit application's processing time is as unique as the project it represents. 

While it is difficult to assign a specific timeframe, DCD does provide regularly updated information on residential building, land use, and engineering permit submittal timeframes that permit applicants can easily access. 

For general information on permit processing timeframes, please click here to visit the 
DCD Timeframes & Statistics
 website page for information on current ​review timeframes and statistics. 

This page will also connect viewers to the "Where Is My Residential Permit In-Line" 
website page. 

 Permit Costs

Permit costs vary contingent upon
the proposed project. 

DCD Permit Services can, however, provide a project-specific estimate for the project type
you have in mind.

 Please contact DCD Permit Services, 
 via the contact information listed below, for more details

 DCD Review Team Members


 The following DCD staff members assist permit applicants in the processing and evaluation of their permit applications.
 As members of the DCD Review Team, they each serve a unique role in the permit application review process.

Building Plans Examiners
Evaluation of building code, construction plans, and energy code


Environmental Planners
Evaluation of tree removal, buffers, & and critical areas, including wetlands, slopes, waterfront, seismic hazards.


Fire Marshal
Evaluation of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, fire hydrant road access requirements, and building
construction plans.

Code Compliance
Evaluations of permits submitted as a result of a code compliance action

Land Use and Environmental Planners
Evaluation of allowed uses, setbacks, subdivisions, tree removal, development proposed around wetlands, slopes, waterfront, and other critical area features


Development Engineering Reviewers
Evaluation of stormwater treatment and impervious surfaces, grading, and development infrastructure

The DCD Review Team is also available for project-specific consultations. To learn more: please click here!